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Livestock Waste & Odor Digestion Contains Very High Bacteria Counts & Strong Family of Enzymes Removes 1-2 Inches of Sludge Per Month The high count bacteria colonies and strong family of enzymes formulated in EnviroDEFENSE Dairy/Swine/Poultry work together to digest organic waste materials to prevent malodorous situations and sludge volume.  Sludge volume results from manure solids entering dairy, swine or poultry lagoons...

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Public Swimming Areas

Did you know that it is easy to treat and maintain a natural swimming area? Riverdale Water Management can help you to achieve clearer water and reduced muck on the lake or ponds bottom. Depending on the issues plaguing the area we can propose a specific plan for your swimming area. If muck ( that black oozy ick on the bottom) is squishing up between your toes we have just the product that you are looking for… MuckAway. This...

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