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Clean Water Pro is a environmental remediation company. We specialize in the treatment of stagnant bodies of water.Ho

Where do you find stagnant water?

  • lakes
  • storm retention ponds
  • raw drinking water
  • farm/livestock dugouts
  • irrigation ponds
  • finishing lagoons
  • recreation dugouts/swim ponds
  • lake front
  • beaches
  • public swimming holes
  • duck ponds

Are you concerned about the health risks associated with stagnant water?

Stagnant water:

  • festers undesirable bacteria and other pathogens can result in death or illness
  • foul odor
  • algae present
  • murky water
  • nesting grounds for mosquitoes and other nuisance insects
  • livestock drink less resulting in health deterioration
  • fish die when DO levels are too low
  • aquatic weeds and leaches

Stagnant Water can have a negative impact on the economy and environment in your the surrounding community

  • less tourism and recreation
  • decreased residential/cottage development
  • higher cost to treating raw water for drinking
  • livestock will not flourish- less weight gain, poor health
  • compliance for effluent release is not being met

Our Process

We will physically assess your body of water and provide a detailed recommendation report.

  1. Assessment – water samples, measurements, historical data, environmental factors, topography.
  2. Recommendation – detailed report and treatment plan
  3. Implement – installation and application
  4. Service Maintenance Program – 100% guarantee

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Residential Storm Retention Pond -treated water less than one year later

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Be Smart

When you see algae infested water be smart and protect your family, pets and livestock:

  • Avoid swimming or having any contact with the water.
  • Do not drink the water, including boiling water and chlorination.
  • Prevent pets or livestock from drinking the water along the shoreline.
  • Do not eat fish that appear to be unhealthy.