Livestock Waste & Odor Digestion
Contains Very High Bacteria Counts & Strong Family of Enzymes
Removes 1-2 Inches of Sludge Per Month

The high count bacteria colonies and strong family of enzymes formulated in EnviroDEFENSE Dairy/Swine/Poultry work together to digest organic waste materials to prevent malodorous situations and sludge volume.  Sludge volume results from manure solids entering dairy, swine or poultry lagoons and  remaining as bottom sludge.  Approximately 0.19 cubic feet of sludge accumulates per year per pound of total dairy cow live weight adding manure to the dairy lagoon. When added to a wastewater treatment system EnviroDEFENSE Dairy/Swine/Poultry creates a chain reaction by producing greater and greater quantities of natural  bacteria and enzymes which improves system efficiency over time and lowers cubic tonnage which also lowers risk of inspections or fines.

In addition to select strains of bacteria, EnviroDEFENSE™ Dairy/Swine/Poultry contains the following enzymes for rapid degradation of waste:
•Protease: Digestion of Protein.
•Cellulase: Digestion of Cellulosic Particles.
•Lipase: Digestion of Fats & Oils.

Lagoon Treatment Start Up Application:
8 lbs. per acre foot of lagoon volume for two weeks (apply once a week).

Lagoon Treatment Routine Application:
4 lbs. per acre foot of lagoon volume twice a month.

For biology to work properly, certain water conditions must exist:
•pH of the water maintained between 5.5 & 9.5.
•Temperature of the water above 10°C (50°F).
•Dissolved oxygen levels must be above 3 ppm.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 25 lb. Drums, Also Available In 1 lb. Water Soluble Bags.

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