LagoonClear Tablets

Removes Muck, Sludge & Odor From Lagoon Bottoms

EnviroDEFENSE® LagoonClear Tablets contain multiple strains of strong, sludge removing bacteria designed to work at the problem source. When applied EnviroDEFENSE® LagoonClear Tablets sink into the sludge and begin to breakdown leaves, twigs and sunken organic material that contribute to the sludge layer. By removing these contaminants the result is less sludge and odor, less dredging and hauling and reduced chances of governmental fines. When applied correctly EnviroDEFENSE® LagoonClear Tablets guarantee up to five inches of sludge removal in one year.

  • Removes Sludge & Odor From Holding Ponds
  • Targeted Pellet Formula For Direct Contact
  • Lowers Cost of Dredging & Hauling
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Tablets with Measuring Scoop

LagoonClear Tablets are designed to remove muck, sludge, odor, organic material and nutrients in holding ponds, retention ponds and open retention areas.  LagoonClear Tablets contains naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes in tablet form for a targeted application.  When applied LagoonClear Tablets will sink to the bottom of the pond where sludge and organic matter have settled.  The tablets will sink into the sludge layer and begin to breakdown and remove harmful sludge and its bi-products.

The reduction in sludge helps operators, superintendents and farmers keep sludge levels depleted so they do not get fined or have to drain, dredge and haul as often as they used to prior to using LagoonClear Tablets.

  • Removes Muck, Sludge & Odor.
  • Brings COD & BOD Into Compliant Levels.
  • Helps Create A Disease Free Pond.
  • Increases Oxygen (DO).
  • Lowers Total Dissolved Solids.
  • Guaranteed To Remove 5 Inches of Sludge Per Year.


In addition to 6 strains of bacteria LagoonClear contains the following enzymes for rapid degradation of waste:

  • Protease: Digestion of Protein.
  • Amylase: Digestion of Starch.
  • Cellulase: Digestion of Cellulosic Particles.
  • Lipase: Digestion of Fats & Oils.


Apply one scoop of LagoonClear for every 100o square feet of pond bottom to treat every 2 weeks.  For heavier sludge accumulation double the dosage rate.


For biology to work properly in the pond, certain water conditions must exist:

  • pH of the water maintained between 5.5 & 9.5.
  • Temperature of the water above 10° C (50°F).
  • Dissolved oxygen levels must be above 3 ppm.

Available Sizes:  25 lb. Drums