Natural Composter

Fast Acting Composting Agent

  • Speeds Up Degradation Of Compost Heaps & Dumps
  • Breaks Down Cellulosic Material Quickly
  • Helps Compost Break Down More Efficiently

EnviroDEFENSE™  Natural Composter is an industrial concentration of enzymes and natural microorganisms specifically blended for converting all the principle organic constituents found in compost piles into rich humus. It breaks the chemical bonds in the organic matter to recycle natural minerals and nutrients back into the soil.

All plants require moisture, light air and a healthy soil for nutrients and physical support. A plant generally starts as a seed, an embryo that lives in a dormant state surrounded by food inside a hard shell.  This seed will remain dormant until temperature and moisture conditions are right for germination. As the seed germinates and breaks through the soil it begins to manufacture food by the process of photosynthesis. During photosynthesis simple gases, water and nutrients are converted into complex plant food.

A healthy, productive soil must have substantial amounts of organic matter, compost, rich humus. The inorganic soil particles and humus are combined to form a soil aggregate. One can think of the rich humus as a binding agent and stabilizer. It holds soil particles together and also provides a spongy texture to keep the soil from packing together to tightly. The air, water and nutrients penetrate and flow freely within the soil structure. The humus supports microorganisms that work constantly to improve the soil texture. A soil with a high organic content is always more productive than one low in organic matter. Compacted soil can not supply an adequate flow of the necessary moisture and nutrients. The simples, least expensive way to reduce soil compaction is the use of organic mulch, compost.

EnviroDEFENSE™ Natural Composter is fortified with trace minerals and a slow release oxygen ingredient for greater aerobic activity. It was developed for professional gardening operators but is now being used by the serious amateurs. Trace minerals includes:

  • Iron – key element for chlorophyll production
  • Manganese – absorbs carbon dioxide in photosynthesis
  • Zinc – accelerates early growth
  • Copper – essential elements for plant reproduction
  • Molybdenum – reducing agent used in photosynthesis
  • Sulfur – for production of chlorophyll
  • Calcium – regulating soil acidity


Compost consist largely of decayed organic matter from lawn clippings, animal manure, leaves, garden refuse, sawdust, food scraps, fertilizer and some phosphate rock. These materials should be placed in alternate layer, 15cm of plant residues, 8cm of soil and a sprinkling of fertilizer and phosphate rock. 227 grams of phosphate per 454 grams of fertilizer will maintain a favorable pH for the microorganism that decay the residues. Phosphate is very beneficial it combines with the soluble nitrogen, holding it into the pile and the action of the pile makes the phosphate more available.

EnviroDEFENSE™ Natural Composter should be mixed thoroughly with the organic waste and sprinkled lightly over each layer as it is added. Organic materials are frequently collected in bins, piles or rows for composting. The compost pile should be straight-sided, located preferable in a damp, shady place and kept moist but not saturated enough to leach soluble nutrients. Hose down dry materials when constructing the pile and check moisture content frequently.

To compost in piles or bins start with 1150 liters of organic material (ten 115 liter, full trash bags). Moisten the material with water to the consistency of a squeezed out sponge. For every 1150 liters, pre-mix 236ml (8 oz.) of Natural Composter in 4 liters of water. Blend the pre-mixed liquid into the moistened material. The rate of decay may be accelerated by turning and mixing the pile.

Organic matter can be composted into humus before disking it into the soil. If, however, organic materials are plowed into the soil prior to degradation Natural Composter can be broadcast over the materials before plowing.

Direct Garden Application:

Broadcast 454 grams of EnviroDEFENSE™ Natural Composter over 907 kg of organic material and plow directly into the garden soil. Moisten the dry soil after plowing to accelerate compost action.


Store EnviroDEFENSE™ Natural Composter in a cool, dry place until ready to use.

Available Sizes:  16 oz. Bottles (12 Per Case) or 25 lb. Drums