Household & Institutional Odor Removal


  • Removes Airborne Odors Instantly
  • Leaves No Lingering Scent
  • Hypo-Allergenic Formula

Household & Institutional Odor Removal

OdorCide® doesn’t cover up odors, it eliminates them by breaking down the odor molecule. OdorCide® is safe enough for household use and strong enough for industrial odors. OdorCide® leaves no lingering scent which makes it the perfect product for allergy and asthma sufferers. OdorCide® is great for industrial applications, household use and automobiles.

OdorCide™ is designed to be a tough household odor remover and has been sold in retail stores for more than 25 years.  OdorCide™ removes odors completely.  It doesn’t just mask odors but destroys the odor molecule at its source leaving behind no thick lingering scent like many household sprays.

OdorCide™’s unique no lingering scent formula a perfect match for hotel, hospital and institutional applications.  Additionally, it is a very safe product for allergy and asthma sufferers and does not adversely affect or trigger allergic symptoms.

OdorCide™ scientifically formulated to remove the toughest household odors such as:

  •  removes pet odors on the animal, their bedding or anywhere where they reside.
  • removes all household orders with no lingering scent, garbage, toilet, disposal, etc.
  •  is perfect for auto odors because there is no trapped-in scent & the bottle sprays upside down which is ideal for spraying under seats.
  •  has been used for many years in hospitals, municipalities and nursing homes.

OdorCide™ is environmentally safe, contains a mild but effective formula and has been a mainstay in American homes for over 25 years.


Spray OdorCide™ As Much As Needed To Remove Any Household Odor.


Store product in a cool dry place preferably in a temperature controlled environment away from sunlight.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 8 oz. Bottles (9 Per Case) & 1 Gallon Jugs

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