Public Swimming Areas

Did you know that it is easy to treat and maintain a natural public and private swimming areas along¬† lakes and oxbow’s? Riverdale Water Management can help you to achieve clearer water and reduced muck on the lake or ponds bottom.¬† Manitoba Beaches, Alberta Beaches, Sk BeachesMan Pelican Lake, Killarney Lake, Winnipeg Beach, Victora Beach, Patricial Beach.



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Public and Private Beaches

Depending on the issues plaguing the area we can propose a specific plan for your swimming area. If muck ( that black oozy ick on the bottom) is squishing up between your toes we have just the product that you are looking for… MuckAway. This pelleted form of beneficial bacteria goes to work right away to consume and reduce the Muck on the lake bottom. The MuckAway sinks to the bottom and begins to work right away. It is very cost effective and easy to apply.

Through the reduction of the Muck on the bottom Weeds are less likely to grow in that area.

Aeration can be added to the scenario which helps with algae and will provide dissolved oxygen to the ponds bottom thus speeding up the MuckAway activity.

The beneficial bacteria is completely natural, environmentally friendly and safe for swimming and animals drinking the water. Beneficial bacteria strains are found naturally in the environment. Certain strains have been selected and reproduced for each of our bacteria lines.

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Look at the difference in these photos below! The homeowner uses MuckAway on his swimming area and his neighbors don’t. When the lake level dropped this is what they all saw…


Aeration can also be added to these sites with incredible results. The aeration speeds up the beneficial bacteria and will help to clear the water of Algae and Muck on the bottom promoting  beautiful clear private and public swimming areas.